9 А последний вариант

1-й слайд: название – “travelling: …”, выходят ведущие.

Дана: Have you ever wondered why traveling is important? Many people in this world don’t see the point of traveling, and the most common excuse is it’s a waste of time, money or it’s scary to travel to places that are far away.

2 слайд (c кораблем) Сережа: Traveling in the past was difficult and dangerous. There were no railway trains, motor cars, airplanes etc. People traveled on foot or on horse back. They were often attacked and killed on the way. But, it is no longer so in modern time. Today, traveling has become a pleasure.

3 слайд (круглая земля, на ней деревья) Мадина: Traveling is a very interesting thing. People travel from country to country seeing all that is worth in them. Another advantage of traveling is that it satisfies our love for adventure. Man is by nature adventure-loving. Adventure gives him excitement and thrill. It breaks the boredom or dullness of life.

4 слайд: заставка презентации: Орел и решка (на нее СРОЧНО наложить музыку из программы примерно на 15-20 секундAndrew Powell & Samuel Stockto – Fashion (из программы Орёл и Решка). Под музыку все выходят. ( Мальчики встают по левую сторону экрана, а девочки по правую сторону)

5-й слайд: рекламные буклеты россыпью. Дима Крылов: “The travel agency arranges everything for you”.(Вместо Димы эти слова говорит Вадик)

6-й слайд: машина с луной. Мадина: But when travelling by yourself, you fill a sense of adventure.

7-й слайд: самолеты и поезда. Дима Корнилов: when you arrive, you are met at the airport or at the station by a representative of the travel agency.

8-й слайд: грязь, лужи и т.д. . Юля: You can choose any place you want to stay – not just a boring room in an average hotel.

9-й слайд: номер отеля. Вадик: A comfortable room in a hotel is already reserved for you.

10-й слайд: суп на костре. Аля: You might prefer baked potatoes or a delicious fish soup to the dishes in a cafeteria.

11-й слайд: стол с едой. Вадик: You don’t have to worry about food.

12-й слайд: Слайд с заголовком:very romantic. Ваня:You are offered a programme of excursions which is paid for in advance.

13-й слайд: фото с мокрыми головами девочек. Аня: On rainy days, the drops tapping on the roof of the tent sound very romantic.

14слайд: сауна, массаж, бильярд. Сережа: If you are not very lucky with the weather, there are plenty of indoor activities in the hotel.

15слайд: The end. На середину выходят ведущие. Мадина: People don’t recognize the importance and outlook of traveling. Дана: We believe that traveling is very essential to all of us. Сережа: It’s very important to educate ourselves and know the countries around us and the different cultures and traditions.

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