личность 8 класс

Everyone is an indnviduality.

We all have our own individuality. But the life experience comes to people not only in years. Every child is a person with his individuality. You know, our traits of character differ a lot. So, you can be an adult when you are 10, and be a kind of a teenager being 60. Sure, in both cases you are having the personality. At the same time, there is no the ideal character.

Do you know the proverb “ When you are good to other people, you become better yourself”. It’s true, we should treat to others as we treat ourselves, as we want them to treat us well, respectful. You’re glad when people around you glad to communicate to you, try to help when you’re in troubles etc.

But, there’s a fact appearance may be changeable. I mean, sometimes a man seems to be so kind of you trying to be closer. And his appearance is so nice, that you feel the full comfort being together. But, remember that the appearance is deceptive.

Try to be more attentive.