сущ. 8 класс

Correct the mistakes: (You are sure to be a good teacher!)

a passer-by – passers-bya thief – thiefsan ox — oxes

a crises – crisisa photo – photoesa negro – negroes

a cowmen — cowmana grown-up – growns-upa mouse — mise

a phenomena – phenomenona safe – savesa tomato – tomatoes

a forget-me-not – forgets-me-not a fisherman – fishermansa belief – beliefs

a loaf — loafsa he-wolf – he-wolvesa cry — cries

a sheep – sheepsa specie – speciesa scarf – scarves

a German – Germena piano – pianoesa Chinese – 2 Chinese

a boat-woman – boats-women a cherry — cherris a stepbrother — stepbrethren

a body-louse – body-lousesa hair – hairsa datum — datuma

a chimney-swallow – chimneys-swallowa mean — meansa stepchild — stepchilds

a governor-general – governor – generalsa finger-tip – fingers-tipa key — keies

a lily-of-the-valley – lilys-of the-valleya swine – swinesecourt-martial – courts-martial

a merry-go-round – merry-goes-rounda eucalyptus — eucaliptia penny – pennies

Choose the correct form of the verb in the following sentences:

Your uncle’s money (has/have) been spent on education.

Some new means of transport (was/were) demonstrated at the exhibition.

Furniture (has/have) become very expensive.

Your spectacles (is/are) on the table.

A flock of birds (has/have) shown above the water.

Billiards (was/were) always played in this club.

The police (know/knows) the truth.

Kate’s hair (is/are) cut short.

Our group often (stay/stays) at school after the lessons.

Gymnastics (is/are) his favourite subject.

A crowd in the hall (is/are) waiting for the actor’s arrival.

The nurse’s wages (was/were) good …

The deer (was/were) ravaging (опустошать, разорять) the man’s fields.

The sugar-tongs (was/were) too wide for one of her hands, and she had to use both in taking them.

And the baggage (contain/contains) apparatus and appliances.

… this watch (was/were) a special favourite with Mr. Pickwick

These white swine (does/do) not live.

The war news (was/were) all old.

Mathematics (is/are) well taught at that school.

This species of butterflies (is/are) on the brink of extinction (на грани исчезновения).

The dark grapes (is/are) still sour.

Their oxen (was/were) grazing on the meadow and all the sheep (was/were) grazing upon the hills.

The trousers of the kind (was/were) in fashion at the beginning of the 20th century.

Politics (has/have) always interested him.

There (was/were) clothes scattered about the room.

His uncle showed him the pastures where the cattle (was/were) grazing.

“Great Expectations” by Dickens (was/were) published in 1860.

On such meetings five minutes (is/are) the time given to each speaker.

Each of us (was/were) afraid of the sound of his name.